John E. Coons on Parental Authority

redefinED has a great post on parental authority by John E. Coons. co-founder of the American Center for School Choice at Berkeley. What Coons says about the value of parents at all income levels making choices for how their children are educated (and the negative effects of parents not having choices) is borne out in our conversations with CSF parents who are empowered to choose schools for their children.

The consequence of allowing strangers to make educational choices for children is damage to the family and the broader society. The American Center for School Choice wants to bring this school choice debate to the center of our political spectrum around what is broadly recognized as a centrist and established American value—parents have authority for their children.

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  1. Angie Davis

    education is very important every one should try and get the most they can out of education because in to day society we need all we can get i think its great what teachers and programs do and they go to there extent to make sure we get enough of it

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