The mission of Children’s Scholarship Fund New York (CSF New York) is to increase educational opportunity by offering partial tuition assistance for children in low-income families.


CSF New York was launched in 1998 as part of the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF), a national organization that was founded by Ted Forstmann and John Walton. Since its founding, CSF has provided scholarships for more than 191,500 children nationwide, including 37,100 children in New York.


Currently, CSF New York provides scholarships for more than 6.300 students in the five boroughs of New York City and several counties north of the city. The average scholarship amount is $2,306 and the average private school tuition is $5,718. A recent CSF survey showed that 98.8 percent of CSF New York alumni graduated from high school on time in 2021, and data from the National Student Clearinghouse showed that more than 70 percent enrolled in college.


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