CSF President Darla Romfo Interviewed on Newsmax TV

Today, CSF’s President Darla Romfo appears in an exclusive interview on Newsmax speaking about the work and mission of the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Since CSF’s inception in 1998, almost 123,000 low-income children have been given a chance to transform their lives with scholarships to attend private schools, a true testament to CSF’s co-founders, Ted Forstmann and John Walton. “I think their legacy lives on in every single child and every single parent who is empowered to make that choice for their children,” Darla said.

And while public debate continues on how to reform education so that all children can have access to a quality education no matter where they live, CSF knows that empowering parents with the responsibility of choosing their child’s school is a fundamental first step.

“In order for any kind of educational reforms and improvement in education to be sustainable, you have to start with the parents. Parents are the only ones who can hold their kids accountable and can hold the schools accountable,” Darla told Newsmax.

You can watch the full 12-minute video here and by clicking below, and read the Newsmax article, “Children’s Scholarship Fund President: School Choice Changes Lives.”

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