National Commission on Faith-Based Schools Launches

Today, the American Center for School Choice is launching its National Commission on Faith-Based Schools.

The ecumenical commission of leaders, which includes CSF President Darla Romfo, plans to collaborate and inject the importance of full parental choice in education into the national dialogue. According to an ACSC press release, the Commission’s two immediate tasks will be to: 1) expand public understanding and appreciation of the role of faith-based schools in American education, especially in low-income communities; and, 2) address the need for expanding publicly funded school choice to increase a family’s ability to choose from among a full range of options, including a faith-based school.

“At Children’s Scholarship Fund, we believe parents are the first educators of their children and they should be empowered to choose the school that best fits their child’s needs, whether it is a faith-based school, an independent private school, a charter school, or a traditional government school,” said Ms. Romfo. “The wide variety of faith-based schools in this country have been offering quality education alternatives to generations of Americans for decades, and I hope the Commission on Faith-Based Schools will help them to continue their valuable work for decades to come.”

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