Introducing Opportunity and Hope, a New Book by Naomi Schaefer Riley

Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) is pleased to announce the publication of Opportunity and Hope: Transforming Children’s Lives through Scholarships by Naomi Schaefer Riley, author, former Wall Street Journal editor, and columnist for the New York Post.

In this new book, Ms. Riley profiles ten young men and women from across America whose lives were improved when they were awarded scholarships to attend private schools. Nearly all of these students received assistance from CSF or CSF partner programs.

Jason Tejada, one of the CSF alumni profiled who recently graduated from Columbia and now works at JPMorgan Chase, featured prominently in Ms. Riley’s column in yesterday’s New York Post.

Jason and the other scholarship alumni included in Opportunity and Hope represent the 139,000 children who have benefited from a CSF scholarship since our inception in 1998. These young adults are living proof of what can happen when families are empowered to choose the schools that best meet their children’s needs. Thank you to all our generous donors who make their stories possible!

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